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Since age 16, I've done a ton of "Starting-Point-A ➡️ Dream-Point-B" transitions in life...

  • Skinny-Fat & Weak ➡️ Fat & Depressed ➡️ Ripped & Strong.
  • Stutteringly Shy ➡️ Charismatically Confident.
  • Socially Awkward ➡️ Making Friends Wherever I Go.
  • Dreading Girls ➡️ Serial-Dating Women ➡️ Finding True Love.
  • 9 to 5 Job ➡️ Full-time Writer, Creator, & Coach.

It's these A ➡️ B transitions that I can help you with.

You could obviously achieve them on your own. By...

  • Sifting through the ocean of online advice
  • Trial & error self-experimentation
  • Costly mistakes, stalled progress, and frustration.

Without 1:1 guidance, I suffered through all of those and achieved my A ➡️ Bs the hard way. My A ➡️ Bs were truly A ➡️ Mistakes ➡️ Bs.

Like getting fat before building my dream physique or serial-dating girls before finding true love.

By helping you avoid mistakes, BS advice, and common traps, I want to help you "shortcut" your way from A ➡️ B.

Of course, you'll still have to put in the effort - but it'll be way lesser and more fun than if you'd do it on your own.

Ready to turbo-boost your way from Starting A ➡️ Dream B?

Why 1:1 Coaching? Why MY 1:1 Coaching?

Writing for my younger self, I've inspired thousands of young men across the globe...

...And women:

...Wise old men as well:

But writing is visceral -> Words on a screen that might inspire you today and fade away tomorrow.

Hence, 1-on-1 Coaching - an opportunity to sit face-to-face and work on your specific goal(s) and/or problem(s).

Understanding your problems and goals, we'll custom-tailor your action plan.

👯‍♀️ Struggling to talk to girls and bag dates?

😪 Is procrastination holding you back from your goals?

🕹 Is your porn/gaming addiction ruining your life?

🏋️‍♀️ Want to lose body fat and build a physique you can be proud of?

📝 Can't stay consistent with your goals and habits?

P.S. If you have goals or problems not on the above list, email me at manximize@gmail.com - so we can talk and see if we'll be a good fit to work together.

View the $$ you pay as an investment -> For a multifold return in productivity, joy, fitness, and life.

Here's Everything You'll Get:

📆 A Calendly Booking Link After You Make the Purchase.

🗒 Pre-Call Discovery Form to Maximize the ROI of Our Call(s).

📹 The 1:1 Session + 15 Minutes Buffer Time (In Case Necessary).

🗺 A Detailed Roadmap and Action Plan for You (Digital + Hand-Written)

📧 Post-Call Email Follow-Ups and Periodic Check-Ins.

🚨 Priority-QnA Access to My Personal Email

Ⓜ️ Full Free Access to The Manximize-1-2-3 Newsletter.

📇 Hand-Picked Deep-Dive Resources Specifically for You

What Guys I've Worked With Have To Say

Any Further Doubts or Questions?

DM on Twitter, reach out on LinkedIn, or email me at manximize@gmail.com.

P.S. If you're from India and prefer UPI payment, please use the ID neeramitra@ybl and email me a screenshot at neeramitra.writes@gmail.com

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1-On-1 Deep Coaching For Tangible Results:

Pre-Call Discovery Form
Goal-Specific Action Items
Session Recording
Detailed Roadmap
Email Follow-ups
Deep-Dive Resources
Bonus #1
8 Aesthetic Workout Routines
Bonus #2
5-Day Masculinity Toolkit
Bonus #3
Manximize-1-2-3 Newsletter
Bonus #4
2-Minute Journaling Template


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1:1 Coaching & Consultation

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I want this!