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Self-Proven 1:1 Coaching/Consultation

This isn't your typical 1:1 coaching/consultation.

I won't promise Genie-like magic wishes or unreal (overnight) transformations - as most "coaches" are fond of doing.

Nor will I act as an all-knowing expert - able to help you with "anything and everything"...

Instead, I'll only promise you (help with) transformations I've myself achieved - minus the blunders, B.S., traps, ruts, & confusion:

  • Skinny-Fat ➡️ Muscly Fat ➡️ Skinny ➡️ Ripped & Strong - I've made nearly all possible fitness mistakes! I'll save you from them.

  • Insomniac & Sleep-Anxious ➡️ Sleeping Care-Free Like a Baby - without any supplements, pills, meds, or doctor visits.
  • Socially Awkward ➡️ Effortlessly Making Friends Wherever I Go.

  • (Socially) Anxious & Agitated ➡️ Calm & Composed. Again, without any meds, pills, therapy, or B.S.
  • Dreading Girls ➡️ Serial-Dating ➡️ Finding True Love. Boy! Has it been painful & confusing. Let me save you the doubt & pain.

  • Hooked to My Smartphone For 12-14 Hours A Day ➡️ 30-45 Mins Daily Usage. Severe migraine taught me the hard way. Let's skip the pain.
  • Addicted to Gaming/Anime/YouTube/P*rn ➡️ Leveling Up in Real Life. Forget winning World Of Warcraft, let's win in Real Life.

  • Stutteringly Shy ➡️ Charismatically Confident & Outspoken. I still vividly recall asking "Ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-can I use the washroom?" - as my whole class burst out in laughter.
  • Severe Self-Esteem & Image Issues ➡️ Healthy Self-Worth.

  • Daily Procrastination ➡️ Productive But Hating Life ➡️ Joyfully Productive (In ALL Spheres Of Life). Thanks to a life-changing system to align inner control with outer success.
  • Working a 9-to-5 ➡️ Full-time Writing, Solopreneurship, & Freedom. No more looking forward to Sundays or dreading Mondays. Internet, passion, and guidance are all you need.

Do any of the above widen your eyes? Stir your heart with true longing?

Make you vigorously nod your head?

Then, you've come to the right place, my friend.

P.S. These are just the major HIGHLIGHTS of my life(style)/self changes. Have a goal/problem not covered above? DM me on Twitter or email me - I can confirm if I've experience with it or not.

To be clear, you can achieve any/all of the above on your own

I did it on my own after all. But it'll cost you:

  • Hours, hours, & hours of sifting through the seas of online advice.
  • Months & years of trial, error, & self-experimentation.
  • Costly mistakes, slow/stalled progress, & frustration.

I bore the brunt of this - and learned things the hard way...

Let me help you achieve the same the easier & faster way - so you save time, money, effort, & a whole lot of frustration.

Let me give you the guidance, support, & accountability my past self would've killed for.

Why Should I Trust You? Who The Heck Are You?

For the first question, because I'm only promising results I've myself achieved...

I. Am. The. Proof.

Not only did I achieve these results for myself, I've directly mentored tens of others - and inspired/guided thousands (More on this next).

Have goals/problems I've not (yet) achieved/solved by/for myself?

I'll be the first to turn down working 1:1 together.

Integrity is the core of my self and work.

P.S. To check this beforehand, DM me on Twitter or email me with your goals/problems (if not listed in the previous section) - and I'll tell you (with proof) if we can(not) proceed.

Coming to the 2nd Question...

I'm a guy who's surpassed his younger self's wildest possible dreams.

Writing about it online, I've inspired thousands of young men across the globe...

...And women:

...Wise old men as well:

But writing is visceral -> Words on a screen that might inspire you today and fade away tomorrow.

Hence, 1-on-1 Coaching...

To sit face-to-face, dispel all judgment, and work on your goal(s) and/or problem(s):

👯‍♀️ Struggling to talk to women and/or bag dates?

❤️‍🩹 Able to bag/date women but not finding fulfillment or true love?

😪 Procrastinating away your true potential?

🕹 Are porn/gaming/weed/social_media rotting your life & mind?

🏋️‍♀️ Want to lose body fat and/or gain muscle? Want to build your dream physique?

📲 Struggling with distractions & a lack of focus? Want to understand & unlock deep work?

🕳 Stuck in a rut you're unable to snap out of? Despite will power and motivation?

🖊 Want to start & make a living writing online? Enough to quit your 9-to-5 job (you dislike)?

📝 Can't stay consistent with your goals, priorities, & habits?

🈳 Don't know what your current purpose and priorities are? Feeling lost in life?

Nodded Yes to at least one or more of the above?

I can (and want to) help you - as someone who struggled with and conquered/achieved the same problems/goals.

I'll take you along the fastest and easiest path...

I'll steer you away from the traps, blunders, & misinformation I'd fallen prey to...

I'll support you with the accountability & guidance I wish I had.

Cya in our call(s)!

P.S. Have goals or problems not on the above list? Email me or DM me on Twitter - so I can confirm if we'll be a good fit. If not, I'll be happy to refer you to relevant resources/coaches if I can.

Here's Everything You'll Get:

📆 A Calendly Booking Link After You Make the Purchase.

🗒 Pre-Call Discovery Form to Maximize the ROI of Our Call(s).

📹 The 1:1 Session + 15-30 Minutes Buffer Time (In Case Necessary).

⏺ Lifetime Access to The 1:1 Call(s) Recordings.

% Exclusive Discounts on Subsequent Calls & Product Purchases.

🗺 A Detailed Roadmap and Custom-Tailored Action Plan for You.

📧 Post-Call Email/WhatsApp Follow-Ups and Periodic Check-Ins.

🚨 Priority-QnA Access to My Personal Email/WhatsApp Number.

Ⓜ️ 100% Free Access to The Manximize Newsletter.

📇 Hand-Picked Deep-Dive Resources Specifically for You.

What People Have To Say About My 1:1 Coaching/Consultation:

Any Further Doubts or Questions?

DM me on Twitter, reach out to me on LinkedIn, or email me - I'll be glad to dispel any doubts, confusion, and questions you might have.

Godspeed, Love, and Cheers!
Neeramitra Reddy

P.S. From India and prefer UPI payment? Please pay to the UPI ID neeramitra@ybl and email me a screenshot.

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Self-Proven 1:1 Coaching/Consultation

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