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The 15-Min Bod Tripack

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“You need costly gyms & trainers and brutal workouts to get fit and muscular.”

Nope. 100% false.

This is a terrible lie the $100 billion fitness industry sells to millions daily.

I believed this lie, too—until the pandemic forced me to improvise.

Despite a bad diet and inconsistent home workouts, I barely lost muscle or strength — I even gained mass in certain areas!

In the 2.5 years since then, I’ve used quick bodyweight workouts in hotel rooms and remote retreats to stay in shape.

The gym is just a luxury — not a necessity.

All you need to get (and stay) fit is your body weight, 15 daily minutes, and consistency.

You might not get washboard abs or bulging veins — but you will get shirt-tight-muscular and fit.

Unlike most, I won’t just share a bodyweight circuit, slap in research, and call it a day. Instead, I will…

  • Expound the core 3–3–3 philosophy — to build muscle and strength in minimal time at home.
  • Share 36 Level-1 to 9 exercise progressions — so beginners and advanced trainees alike can progress.
  • Outline 3,4,5 & 6-day 15-minute home workout routines — and 6 sample workouts to show their beginner-to-pro customizability.
  • Share 3 potent upgrades — to go “beyond” the base routines.
  • Share Excel/Printable trackers to keep you accountable, motivated, and consistent:
    • 15-week Excel + graph tracker(s): Track online with Google Sheets or offline as an Excel spreadsheet.

    • 15-week Printable 1-page PDF tracker for the digital minimalist.

  • Finish with 6 tips to get the most out of these routines — so you (continue to) make optimal progress for years to come!

Old or Young. Beginner or Experienced. Gym or Calisthenics...

This “Anywhere + Anytime Fitness” guide is customizable for everyone.

  • Already a gym rat? Use it when — your gym’s closed, you’re vacationing, or that biweekly 1:1 refuses to end.
  • Already into calisthenics? Use it on busy, sore, or active rest days — and as inspiration to restructure your existing routine.
  • Already into running, soccer, or other sports? Use it to build (and maintain) a solid base of muscle and strength.
  • Not physically active (yet)? Use it to go down the wonderful rabbit hole of “Anytime. Anywhere” fitness.

P.S. Did I mention you also get 9 free curated deep-dive (video+text) resources?

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Don’t think 15-minute bodyweight workouts are inferior to long(er) gym workouts.

With the right approach, you can put most gym-goers to shame with them.

That's exactly what The 15-Min Bod will help you do.

Godspeed with your at-home fitness journey!

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The Core 3-3-3 Max-Gains Philosophy
36 Level-1 to 9 Exercise Progressions
3, 4, 5, & 6-Day Workout Routines
15-Week Printable Workout Tracker
6 Illustrative Sample Workouts
15-Week Excel + Graph Tracker
9 Free Deep-Dive Resources
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The 15-Min Bod Tripack

18 ratings
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