The Aesthetic Routine Vault

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Want to build a physique that women admire, and men gawk at in awe?

But struggling to make progress or stay motivated & consistent?

Tired of the gimmicky exercises you see on TikTok/Reels?

You've landed in the right place.

Oscillating from skinny to fat to anorexic to ripped, I've made every mistake (and learned every lesson) in the book.

I realized only 3 core reasons hold 99% back from building their dream physiques:

  • Unrealistic expectations thanks to fake influencers - who use vasodilators, lighting, angles, diuretics, Photoshop, and steroids.
  • The false “My genetics suck!” belief — With the right approach, anyone can build a V-taper — my anti-V-Taper genes didn't stop me, did they?
  • The wrong workout approach and knowledge — thanks to gym bros with twig legs and attention-hungry influencers.

By solving all 3, I hope to resurrect your aesthetic journey from the dead.

Unlike most guides, I won’t share 5 gimmicky exercises, cite 3 studies, and call it a day. Instead, I will…

  • Show the illusion corrupt influencers craft — and share 5 signs to spot “Fake Natty” influencers.
  • Recommend 5 legit fitness YouTubers to guide your journey.
  • Outline the “Aesthetic-7” muscles to “override” your genes —along with visuals, best exercises, and optimal reps/sets/weight.

  • Share 9 time-tested (3,4,5, & 6-day) workout routines — to build your aesthetic V-taper without steroids, boredom, or inconsistency.
  • Include a bonus “Aesthetic Touch” for each routine — to enhance your aesthetic V-Taper.
  • Reveal 9 hard-earned lessons from 6+ years of working out — to prevent injuries, gym accidents, and stalled progress.
  • Share Excel/Printable workout trackers to keep you accountable and consistent:
    • 24-week Excel + Graph tracker: Track online with Google Sheets or offline as an Excel spreadsheet.

    • 16-week Printable PDF tracker: Print-optimized tracker for the digital minimalist. 16-week tracking on a single page!

Building an aesthetic physique goes beyond just “looking good.”

It’s a respect-drawing proof of work ethic and discipline. A confidence armor you wear 24/7. A spark that ignites the wildfire of 360-degree success.

It's an unfair advantage - that I hope this vault helps you unlock.

What Are You Waiting For?

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Good luck building the body and life of your dreams!

Godspeed and regards,
Neeramitra Reddy

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Here's What All You'll Get:

"Aesthetic-7" Muscles + Best Exercises
5 Legit YouTubers Worth Subscribing To
9 Aesthetic (3,4,5, & 6-Day) Routines
An "Aesthetic" Touch To Each Routine
Printable 16-Week Tracker
24-Week Excel + Graph Tracker
9 Hard-Earned Workout Tips
The Manximize Newsletter
9 Free Value-Packed Resources
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The Aesthetic Routine Vault

19 ratings
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