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The 2-Minute Journaling Template (Notion)

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Improvement Pill ranked bullet journalling #1 in his habit tier list— even above exercise, reading, and meditation!

This intrigued me enough to try it.

But who has the daily time or patience for page-long rants?

So I improvised → my 2-minute template makes (consistent) journaling effortless.

Imagine being able to...

  • Reaffirm your top priorities.
  • Plan the day's most crucial tasks.
  • Express gratitude for daily life's ignored positives.

...In under 2 minutes a day!

Over time, I've honed and optimized this template to a great extent.

I present the ultimate result to you -> Get it for 100% free by typing 0 in the price box while checking out.

You can also pay whatever you wish - as many generous buyers have:

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Happy Bullet Journalling!

20th April 2023 Wild Update!

The 2-Minute Journaling Template is now ranked the 19th-best Notion template ever!

P.S. As of 2024, Super ranked it #10 in their 2024 Notion Journaling Template picks!

May 10th, 2023 Wilder Update!!

The 2-Minute Journaling Template is now featured in Notion's official gallery!

Aug 21st, 2023 Wildest Update!!!

As this template received a ton of love, I noticed 3 glaring problems:

  • Many (including me) prefer pen-and-paper journaling over digital.
  • Digital journaling is weaker than physical (Scientifically-proven).
  • Many want to journal offline - away from devices and eye-hurting screen time.

So, I worked my butt off for 2+ months to solve these problems.

After countless iterations of "Design + Print + Feedback + Tweak + Repeat," I present the final solution to you:

The 2-Minute Paperback Journal is the best of both worlds - the potency of the 2-minute template + the power of physical journaling.

It's perfect for busy & realistic folks wanting to maximize their daily productivity & clarity.

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The 2-Minute Journaling Template (Notion)

109 ratings
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