2-Minute Bullet Journalling (Notion) Template

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2-Minute Bullet Journalling (Notion) Template

Manximize By Neeramitra Reddy
10 ratings

In his habit tier list, Improvement Pill ranked bullet journalling #1 — even above working out, reading, and meditation.

This intrigued me enough to give it a solid shot.

But I neither had the time nor the patience for page-long sections.

So I improvised — my 2-minute template makes it effortless to stay consistent.

And we all know consistency is the KING for success with any habit.

Regular bullet journaling will hyper-structure your days, tighten your focus, and murder distractions.

Then your productivity will soar to the skies. As its creator, Ryder Carrol describes it,

“It’s among the perfect ways to help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.”

Over time, I've tweaked and optimized my original template to a large extent.

I present the final result to you -> Get it for 100% free by typing $0 while checking out.

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Happy (Bullet) Journalling!

We're Selling Like Hot Cakes!!

I had NO idea the template would receive this kind of support!

2500+ downloads and a lot of kind people even paid for it!

If the demand keeps going like this, I might make the template paid.

So go grab your copy ASAP.

I want this!

PDF + Printable Notion Template + The Manximize Newsletter

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