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The Ultimate No-BS Fat-Loss Bundle

Manximize by Neeramitra Reddy
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Fed up trying to lose weight & fat?

You lose 4 pounds one week only to gain it back the next...

Look for advice, and B.S. myths and lies bombard you...

“Don't eat carbs"

"Drink this "detox" juice to lose 10 lbs"

“Do crunches and side-bends to lose belly fat.”

Or you're peddled wallet-burning "fat burners" and fake promises...

"Melt belly fat in 24 hours with our $99 miracle fat-loss pill!"

"Join our 21-day obese-to-shredded program for only $499!"

Frustrated with all this?

You've landed in the right place.

But... Why Should You Listen to Me?

Because I was "you".

Overweight, trying "fads," and baffled by all the B.S. fat-loss advice online.


  • I lost 50+ lbs and got a ripped six-pack.
  • Maintained the weight loss and six-pack for 2.5+ years now.
  • Trained 10+ others in-person and guided 1000s online through my viral Medium fat-loss articles
  • Became a go-to fat-loss expert on Medium -> I ranked #1 in the "Fitness" and "Health" topics among 20,000+ writers for months!

Along the way, I've made tons of mistakes.

Falling prey to "Eat big to get big," I grew obese, insecure, and ugly in college.

The only time I ever took off my shirt?

My saggy man boobs and ugly jiggly love handles were made fun of.

Seething to lose fat and get ripped, I jumped to the other extreme.

Cycling 30+ km a week and eating under 800 calories daily, I almost killed myself!

I lost 40+ lbs - but way more muscle and strength than fat.

Instead of "ripped," I ended up "anorexic."

Tired of B.S. fat-loss advice, I painstakingly self-researched as I regained my lost muscle over the next year.

My next cut was sustainable, enjoyable, and effective.

Shedding body fat, I got deep abs, sculpted muscles, and popping veins.

Most crucial of all?

I gained genuine confidence and unlocked peak health.

Since then, I've maintained my six-pack (almost) year-round - without dieting or tracking calories.

Making every possible mistake, I mastered the art of sustainable fat loss the hard way.

But you don't have to.

Get the All-Round Solution to Lose Fat the Easy Way

Imagine Genuinely Enjoying Losing Fat!

You'll notice the fat gradually melting off your body…

Not "overnight." Not in a day.

But gradually.

Until you're left with a six-pack and a body you can be proud of.

You will NEVER feel humiliated when you take your shirt off at the beach again.

Instead, you will notice women looking with admiration…

And men looking with respect.

You can achieve all of this through a sustainable routine you look forward to each morning.

I'm living proof.

Fat-Loss Can (and Should) Feel Almost Effortless

I lost my pandemic fat in a mere 8 weeks with a breezy routine.

  • No dieting
  • No tracking calories
  • No skipping my favorite food
  • No torturing myself with 10km runs

This isn't Magic.

This is Genuine Fat-Loss Knowledge + Prudent Planning + Patience.

At its core, fat loss is simple.

The snake oil "gurus" overly complicate it to suck dry your wallet.

Let's Simplify Fat-Loss

You Won't Need To...

❌ Cut carbs

❌ Sacrifice your favorite foods

❌ Destroy your metabolism with extreme crash diets

❌ Stop eating at 7 PM fearing “it will make you fat”

❌ Do endless side-bends to "lose your belly fat"

❌ Burn money for expensive "fat burners" and supplements

❌ Dabble with lethal "pills' and surgeries

❌ Do extreme cardio or kill yourself in the gym

❌ Buy any other fat-loss resource/ebook/course.

Instead, You'll Be Able To...

✅ Eat at any time of the day

✅ Enjoy carbs to your heart’s content

✅ Elevate your metabolism using a balanced diet

✅ Lose FAT, not just weight - and build/preserve muscle

✅ Relish your favorite foods (within reasonable limits)

✅ Shed body fat at a healthy pace

✅ Boost your energy and hormone levels

✅ Maintain the weight you've lost

✅ Confidently take off your shirt at the beach (or anywhere else)

Ready to shed those pounds and change your life?

Secure Your Bundle Now

April 2023 Massive Upgrade!

So far, this product was a single checklist that could help you:

  • 🧠 Cultivate the right mindset to lose fat and get ripped.
  • 👁 Understand the ONLY 2 elements for successful fat loss.
  • ☑️☑️ Tick off the high-level aspects of exercise, recovery, nutrition, and supplementation.

But as of April 27th, 2023, this checklist is a BUNDLE of 7 Notion checklists + 2 spreadsheets + 4 curated articles + 3 hand-picked videos.

Here's everything you now get with the Ultimate Fat-loss Bundle:

1. The [Enhanced] Ultimate Fat-Loss Core Checklist ($29 Value)

  • Unlock the right mindset and lasting motivation to lose fat and get ripped.
  • A handy cheatsheet of all aspects of fat loss -> exercise, recovery, nutrition, & supplementation.
  • Conveniently access all the sub-checklists and spreadsheets from one place.

P.S. This is now updated with my latest tips, tricks, and research findings. Plus, it's structured to be deeper but easier to read.

Get The Ultimate Fat-Loss Bundle Now

2. The No-BS Fat-Loss Calculator ($15 Value)

  • No need to perform complex fat-loss calculations on your own
    • Or rely on 10 different confusing online calculators.
  • Simply key in your age, weight, and fat-loss goals and...
    • You'll get your BMI, TDEE, ideal calorie deficit, and daily calorie target.

3. The Nutri-Simple Checklist ($19 Value)

  • What (not) and how much to eat for optimal fat loss?
  • How do you deal with hunger and cravings?
  • How do you maintain peak hormone balance and gut health?
  • How to eat to lose fat while building (or preserving) muscle?
  • Most crucially, how do you lose fat without sacrificing the foods you love?

This checklist answers all those questions and more.

4. The Sleep-Deep Checklist ($11 Value)

  • The mind-boggling importance of sleep for fat loss (and life).
  • The science-backed “Dos” and “Do-NOTs” of deep sleep.
  • Insider sleep tips and tricks earned from battling insomnia.
  • Ensuring proper sleep despite a busy lifestyle.

The Sleep-Deep checklist spans all of the above and more.

Get The Ultimate Fat-Loss Bundle Now

5. The Workout-Right Checklist ($19 Value)

  • Optimal exercise selection, sets, reps, workout routines, and rest to lose fat while gaining/preserving muscle.
  • Solving the Cardio vs. Lifting dilemma once and for all.
  • Hard-earned (science-backed) tips and tricks to get ripped and not anorexic.

6. The NEAT-Burner Idea List ($11 Value)

  • The insane fat-loss power of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) very few talk about.
  • 20 creative ideas to put your NEAT on steroids - and burn fat way faster.
  • Beginner, time, and age-friendly, the NEAT-burner Idea List will accelerate your fat loss - passively.

7. The Ultimate Fat-Loss Tracker ($19 Value)

  • Easily track your diet, sleep, workout, and fat-loss progress
  • Real-time Pie and Bar charts to visualize your progress, stay accountable, and motivate you to stay consistent.
  • Easiest way to review and tweak your fat-loss process for optimal results.
Get The Ultimate Fat-Loss Bundle Now

8. The Supplement-Smart Checklist ($10 Value)

  • When (not) to and what supplements (not) to take?
  • Advanced (legit) fat loss supplements you’ve never heard of.
  • How do you avoid dangerous, fake, and costly supplements?
  • And more.

9. Free Links to My Best Paywalled Fat-Loss Articles ($11 Value)

  • 4 valuable fat-loss gems hand-curated from the 500+ articles I've written.
  • Dive deeper into the nuances of fat loss and speed up your progress.
  • No pseudoscience, misinformation, or "quick fixes." Only legit fat-loss advice.

10. Hand-Picked Fat-Loss Video Resources ($10 Value)

  • 3 fat-loss diamonds hand-picked from the 600+ fitness videos I've watched.
  • Quick and engaging knowledge nuggets to boost your fat-loss progress.
  • No need to waste your time sifting through the infinite sea of (clickbaity) YouTube fat-loss content.
Get The Ultimate Fat-Loss Bundle Now

11. The Forever-Lean Checklist ($24 Value)

  • How do you transition into normal eating and working out WITHOUT gaining back fat?
  • Rewiring your mindset, habits, and beliefs to stay fat-free on autopilot.
  • How to unlock "Homeostasis" -> Aka "effortlessly lean"
    • While enjoying your favorite foods AND not exercising like a madman

$189 of Total Value - for Only $29!

In a world where $29 gets you a 15-page generic fat-loss eBook, I'm gifting you a bundle of 7 nuanced checklists + 2 programmed spreadsheets + 7 deep-dive resources worth $189!

I'm already getting second thoughts about giving away this bundle for such a criminally low price.

No saying when I'll jack up the price -> lock it while you can.

Grab This Steal of A Deal While It Lasts

Here's What Folks Have to Say...

60-year-old Grace Mary Powel loved the bundle so much that she wrote an entire article!

Let me reiterate.

For $29, you unlock actionable value worth at least $189 -> 7 Notion Checklists + 2 Spreadsheets + Deep-dive knowledge sources + Lifetime free upgrades.

You'll lose weight. You'll keep it off. You'll fall in love with your body...

Without sacrificing the foods you love, doing tons of cardio, or spending a bomb on "fat burners."

You'll learn all this from someone who's actually done it himself.

Unlock Your Fat-Free Life

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is This Bundle Only For Men?

Nope. The bundle's principles are gender-agnostic.

Men or women, young or old, can use (and have already used) this bundle efficaciously.

2. Why This Bundle? When There Are So Many Fat-Loss Guides on The Internet?

This bundle stands out for 3 crucial reasons:

  • NO other fat-loss guide covers 360° sustainable fat-loss for such an affordable price.
  • This fat-loss bundle cuts through the gimmicky, unrealistic, and unnecessarily complex B.S. you commonly see.
  • This bundle doesn't "force" you to eat or exercise a certain way. Nor does it peddle you B.S. pills. It helps you mold your existing lifestyle (not give it up) to lose fat.

3. What Will I Achieve With This Bundle?

You'll lose body fat without B.S. fancy diets, extreme exercise, costly fat-loss pills, or sacrificing your favorite foods.

And you'll keep the lost weight off for years to come (All of this is obviously IF you implement the bundle)

4. What if This Bundle Doesn't Work? Or If I'm Not Satisfied with It?

If you're unsatisfied with the bundle, email me at, citing the reason within 30 days of purchase - and I'll give you a full refund.

You could obviously "scam" me by asking for a refund even if you found the bundle valuable - but Karma will handle that.

Secure Your Risk-Free Bundle Now

Have Any Other Doubts, Questions, or Concerns?

Email me at, DM me on Twitter, or text me on Linkedin.

P.S. If you're from India and prefer UPI Payments, please use the ID neeramitra@ybl and email a screenshot to

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30-Day No-Questions-Asked Refund Guarantee

Not satisfied with the bundle?

Email me at with your purchase details and the reason(s) within 30 days. I'll refund the total amount (minus Gumroad charges).


Simple - I don't want your money if you don't benefit from the bundle.

Yes, you could obviously "scam" me by asking for a refund even if you found the bundle valuable.

But Karma's great at handling that.

Last updated Aug 29, 2023

You'll Get All Of The Below:

The Ultimate Fat-Loss Core Checklist
Bonus #1
The No- BS Fat-Loss Calculator (Worth $15)
Bonus #2
The Nutri-Simple Checklist (Worth $19)
Bonus #3
The Sleep-Deep Checklist (Worth $16)
Bonus #4
The Workout-Right Checklist (Worth $19)
Bonus #5
The NEAT-Burner Idea List (Worth $11)
Bonus #6
The Ultimate Fat-Loss Tracker (Worth $19)
Bonus #7
The Supplement-Smart Checklist (Worth $16)
Bonus #8
Free Friend Links to my Best Paywalled Fat-Loss Articles (Worth $11)
Bonus #9
Hand-Picked Video-Resources On Fat-Loss (Worth $10)
Bonus #10
The Forever-Lean Checklist (Worth $24)
[Extra] Bonus #11
Lifetime free upgrades to the bundle
[Extra] Bonus #12
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The Ultimate No-BS Fat-Loss Bundle

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