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A Simple Way to Recognize Your Actual Passions


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Mr Peter J Brown

Love the intro pictures and the no-nonsense writing style. Keep it up Bro. This is what I would also like to see... 1. First, keep on doing what your doing! 2. More content on what it means to be a real man in a mad 'woke' world. 3. Life hacks - all kinds 4. Spitual awareness and insight 5. Insights into female psychology 5. Tell the truth and be brutally honest. Yes truth can be subjective, but the enlightened and the seeker will always welcome it. 6. Money and wealth-creating advice 7. Freedom and love - looking for it in the right places

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Manximize by Neeramitra ReddyCreator

Thanks a lot for the comment and content ideas brother! "Tell the truth and be brutally honest" - always sir! Spiritual awareness - Yessss, I'll start doing that as well

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